This indicator allows to estimate the amount of mineral and organic nitrogen applied (including directly by animals on pasture) in relation to UAA or UAA of a specific crop.

The determination of available nitrogen requires an estimation of the available nitrogen from mineral and organic sources. N from organic sources might be weighted according to direct and delayed plant availability.

Total fertilisation/ha can be considered as the addition of two indicators, the indicator measuring organic fertilisation and the indicator measuring mineral fertilisation. This indicator can be used in any type of agricultural sector, livestock or crop sector. The advantage of using the three indicators is to know the impact of one type of fertilisation compared to total fertilisation.

Total fertilisation per hectare is one of the most commonly used indicators, since it easy to understand and to explain. One of its main drawback is that it is not taking into account the output due to the crops and it can not transcribe situations where the fertilisation is stable with increasing yield, e. g. due to increase fertilising efficiency.


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