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These documents are formal deliverables prepared according to the FAIRWAY project's grant agreement (EU Horizon 2020, Contract 727984). They are the primary souces for the content in the »Decision support tools section of FAIRWAYiS where, in most cases, they are also presented in their entirety. In extracting information from the deliverables for FAIRWAYiS, editing was kept as light as possible and concentrated on standardising the information layout, removing references to WPs and other internal project processes and enhancing  connections between articles and sections both within and between research themes in order to present a more integrated view of the research results.

See »Disclaimer, copyright and privacy for information about the conditions of use of these and all FAIRWAY products.

Survey and review of existing decision support tools

A comprehensive overview of decision support tools (DSTs) used by farmers, farm advisors, water managers and policy makers in the EU for water, nutrient and pesticide management. A subset of existing DSTs is selected for further assessment in the multi-actor platforms (MAPs) for their potential suitability in managing water quality within the case study catchments of the FAIRWAY project.

Please cite as: Nicholson, F.A. et al. (2018) Survey and Review of Decision Supports Tools. FAIRWAY Project Deliverable 5.1 166 pp. Available at www.fairway-is.eu/documents

Of the 36 decision support tools described in Survey and review of existing decision support tools, 12 were selected for further investigation. The DSTs vary according to scale (field, farm, catchment, regional), pollutants (nutrients, pesticides) and integration of mitigation measures. A cross-country testing of these DSTs asked if tools developed in one country could be used in another and, if not, whether inspiration could be drawn from them.

Please cite as: R.K. Laursen, F. Bondgaard, P. Schipper, K. Verloop, L. Tendler, R. Cassidy, L. Farrow, D. Doody, F. A. Nicholson, J. R. Williams, I. Wright, J. Rowbottom, I. A. Leitão, A. Ferreira, B. Hasler, M. Glavan, A. Jamsek, N. Surdyk, J. van Vliet, P. Leendertse, M. Hoogendoorn and L. Jackson Blake. 2019. Evaluation of decision support tools. FAIRWAY Project Deliverable 5.2, 218 pp.  Available at www.fairway-is.eu/documents

Testing a nitrate management model in Baixo Mondego

Poster describing the testing of MANNER-NPK decision support tool in the Baixo Mondego case study.

Please cite as: Inês Amorim Leitão and António Dinis Ferreira. 2019. Testing a nitrate management model in a subregion of central Portugal: Baixo Mondego. Poster presented at the Congress Nactional das Escaolas Superiores Agrárias, 14 and 15 November 2019. Available at www.fairway-is.eu/documents

Assessment of costs and benefits using decision support tools

There are many decision support tools (DSTs) that can support water management and related decisions at farm, catchment, national, and international levels by farmers, policy makers, waterworks and other stakeholders. Here we analyse the effectiveness and economic relevance of six farm level and two catchment level DSTs. We also analyse two DSTs that assess the benefits of water quality protection.

Please cite as: Berit Hasler, Fiona Nicholson, John Williams, Rachel Cassidy, Linda Tendler, Peter Lendertsee, Marije Hoogendoorn, Rikke Krogshave Laursen, Doan Nainngolan, Ingrid Nesheim (2019) Assessment of costs and benefits for farmers, water companies and society from using Decision Support Tools. FAIRWAY Project Deliverable 5.3 49 pp. Available at www.fairway-is.eu/documents

A web-based framework that enables users to select decision support tools most suited to their needs from a list of some 30 tools designed for optimal nitrate and pesticide use in different European contexts.

Please cite as: Madsen, M. L. et al. (2021) Development of a decision support framework. FAIRWAY Project Deliverable 5.4 18 pp. Available at www.fairway-is.eu/documents

Development of the SprayDay mobile app

Description of the development of SprayDay, a phone app that provides guidance to low-frequency users from both agricultural backgrounds and other business sectors (such as groundskeepers managing amenity spaces) on best practice in the application, disposal and environmental risks associated with the use of different pesticides for weed and pest control.

Please cite as: Farrow, L. et al. (2021) Development of the SprayDay mobile app - assisting best practice amongst infrequent pesticide users. FAIRWAY Project Deliverable 5.5, 47 pp. Available at www.fairway-is.eu/documents

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