2021 09 22 Measures and DSS webinar register
Poster and programme
2021 09 22 Measures and DSS webinar register


Webinar theme

The webinar was designed to be of interest and use to policymakers and stakeholders tasked with reducing nitrate and pesticide losses to water from agricultural systems. Results from the FAIRWAY project highlighting the importance of Decision Support Tools to help land managers implement measures to reduce nitrate and pesticide losses were presented by project partners from across Europe.


  1. Introduction to the FAIRWAY project (Gerard Velthof, Wageningen Research, NL)
  2. Management measures to reduce nitrate transport from agricultural land to groundwater and surface waters (Mart Ros, Wageningen Research, NL)
  3. Reducing pesticide pollution by agriculture (Jantiene Baartman, Wageningen University, NL)
  4. Popular Decision Support Tools to promote water protection measures in practice (Linda Tendler, Landwirtschaftskammer Niedersachsen, DE)
  5. Demonstration of the FAIRWAY Decision Support Tool Framework (Marije Hoogendoorn, CLM Research and Advice, NL)
  6. The SprayDay mobile app - assisting infrequent pesticide users to adopt best practice (Luke Farrow, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, UK)
  7. FaST Tool (Isidro Campos Rodriguez, DG Agri, European Commission)




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