Definitions of key terms and words used used by the FAIRWAY project and in this website.

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Common Agricultural Policy

Catchment Lake Modelling Network

A network of process-based, mass-balance models linking climate, hydrology, catchment-scale nutrient dynamics and lake processes. The model network allows disentangling of the effects of climate change from those of land-use change on lake water quality and phytoplankton growth. The model network can thus support decision-making to achieve good water quality and ecological status. Country of use: NO.


Cost Benefit Analysis


Cost Effective Analysis

Check it Out

The Check it Out Tool was designed to help farmers and sprayer operators review and improve spraying practices and so reduce the risk of pesticides reaching water. The tool has 22 multi-choice questions covering Planning and Management, Filling and Handling, Soil Management and Field Practice. After completing the questions, users are given a score for each aspect of their spraying operation, and an overall score. Country of use: UK.


Common Implementation Strategy


European Cooperation in Science and Technology


The CTtool provides estimates for nitrate leaching based on nitrogen surplus calculations for individual fields. The results are used to define current practices. Country of use: DK.

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