Definitions of key terms and words used used by the FAIRWAY project and in this website.

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Decision Support Tools (DSTs)

A wide range of computer-based simulation models and/or techniques and methods developed to support decision analysis and participatory processes. DSTs can facilitate dialogue and exchange of information thus providing insights to non-experts and support them in the exploration of policy options. (Definition adapted from


Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development


Directorate General for Environment 


Directorate General for Research and Innovation


Directive on Sustainable use of Pesticides


A farm-holistic DST which helps to identify the total amount of fertilizer to be purchased and its field-specific distribution. It combines measured on-farm data (soil nutrient contents, farm manure analysis, etc.), information on crop cultivation (crop rotation, yield level, etc.) with economic implications (e.g. fertilizer prices). Country of use: DE.


Drinking Water Directive


Manuals for growing the different agricultural crops based on results from the most recent field trials. The manuals are updated yearly (or whenever needed) to give farmers and advisors information on all aspects of Good Agricultural Practise in crop production (recommendations on how to grow individual crops). Country of use: DK.

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