Definitions of key terms and words used used by the FAIRWAY project and in this website.

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European Environment Agency


European Environment Information and Observation Network


European Innovation Partnership on agricultural productivity and sustainabEIP WATER ility


The European Innovation Partnership on Water


European Institute of Innovation and Technology

Environmental Yardstick for Pesticides

The online version of the yardstick and the information sheets per crop, are used mainly to support IPM operational management at farmscale. The excel and GRIP-based offline application are used to evaluate current practices and the effect of measures that are being taken: Spraying schemes are evaluated in terms of environmental impact. This is done in hindsight or ex-ante, for one crop or all, for one farm or for groups on a regional level. When done on a regional level during several years this provides water authorities with a proxy – instead of real measurements in groundwater as travel times of pollution takes so long - on the effectiveness of programs aimed at reducing impact on groundwater. Country of use: NL.


European Research Area Net


European Research Council

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