Definitions of key terms and words used used by the FAIRWAY project and in this website.

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A commercial phone app, allowing farmers in the same geographic areas to obtain volume-based discounts on purchases of feed stuffs or fertiliser and to sell farm produce easily and securely. The secondary component of the app uses farm location to create a set of weather alerts relating to Grass Growth, Environment & Safety, Harvesting, Fertilising & Seeding and Animal Health. Country of use: IE.


(FARM Scale Optimisation of Pollutant Emission Reduction) can be used to assess diffuse agricultural pollutant loads on a farm and quantify the impacts of farm mitigation methods on these pollutants. The farm systems within the tool can be customised to reflect management and environmental conditions representative of farming across England and Wales. Contains over 100 mitigation methods, including many of those in the latest Defra Mitigation Method User Guide. Country of use: UK.


(Slovene information system for plant protection). State information system for public use presenting information for producers. Registered plant protection products, plant protection related legislation, organism names, descriptions, pictures, forecast information, important information for plant producers, news, other information regarding plant protection. Country of use: SI.

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