Definitions of key terms and words used used by the FAIRWAY project and in this website.

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Mark Online

Applied by farmers and advisors for fertiliser planning, optimization and documentation in Danish crop production. It covers all aspects of crop management including soil tillage and crop protection. Mitigation is included by economic optimisation with respect to national rules and regulations. Mark Online ensures that pesticides and nutrients are used according to legislation and key data obtained via field trials. Country of use: DK.


Member States

multi-actor approach

A time-bound and deliberate process in which multiple actors meet to address a development challenge and acheive collective results, for example in settling priorities or implementing a project. (Acquaye-Baddoo et al. 2010)

multi-actor platform

A more-or-less ongoing mechanism in which actors meet regularly to foster exchange and promote joint decision making and collaboration in a continuously evolving way. (Acquaye-Baddoo et al. 2010)

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