Definitions of key terms and words used used by the FAIRWAY project and in this website.

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Načrtovanje gnojenja (NG/FP)

Assists agricultural advisers and farmers to optimise fertilizer use in all agricultural sectors, most notably in horticulture and field crop agriculture. Allows the user to quickly calculate recommended quantities of N, P and K fertilizers, both as organic and easily soluble mineral fertilizers, as well as the need for lime. Annual or multi-year fertilizwe plans can be produced, together with the correct crop rotation taking into account the amount of organic fertilisers produced on the farm. Country of use: SI.


Nitrates Directive

Nitrogen Dynamics in Crop Rotations in Ecological Agriculture (NDICEA)

The NDICEA nitrogen planner presents an integrated assessment of nitrogen availability for crops. This is more than simple nitrogen budgeting for each crop - crop demand is on one side, and expected availability of artificial fertilizers and manures, crop residues, green manures and soil is on the other side, also taking into account leaching and denitrification losses. Country of use: NL.

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