MAPs sq

In this section of FAIRWAYiS we discuss how to actively use and further develop the Multi-Actor Platforms (MAP) approach with actors at primarily case study level and to some extent national levels as a base for executing the FAIRWAY project in close dialogue and involvement with key actors to ensure relevancy and maximum impact. To track and analyse successes and failures of the MAP approach to advance beyond state of art the understanding of and practices of MAPs in such cases. We show how to:

  • ensure optimal involvement and engagement of the key actors, with clear roles for those engaged at case-study and national levels to ensure relevancy and maximum impact of the various research and innovation activities of the project;
  • train, facilitate and support the execution of MAPs processes to ensure maximum number of successful execution and deployment in the WPs;
  • and revise and upgrade of Water Safety Plans in several case studies with actively use of MAPs.

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