Frode Sundnes, Alma de Vries, Cors van den Brink

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In this report we provide a summary of the FAIRWAY project’s multi- actor platforms, their activities, and some experiences through the course of the project.

Firstly, we present the project’s take on multi-actor approaches, and give a brief introduction to some key dimensions that have been important for the development and analyses of the multi-actor platforms (MAPs).

Then we provide an overview of all of FAIRWAY MAPs: their history, their different constitutions and characteristics, as well as a summary of achievements and challenges.

We go on to explain the steps that have been taken in the project to establish new platforms or enrol existing platforms, give an account of the project activities and an overview of the level of activity in the respective MAPs.

Finally, we discuss some of the changes over time, from the start of the project to the end, in the functioning of the MAPs based on an assessment by the MAP coordinators. We highlight some of FAIRWAY’s key findings with regards to multi-actor engagement.

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